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2 Dec 2014
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Holidays in Palm Springs

Robolights 2014 Palm Springs California

It is a combination of Santa Claus & Robots: ROBOLIGHTS is not a celebration of Christmas, it is a massive whimsical futuristic winter wonderland set in the North pole. Built by artist Kenny Hassan Irwin. Started in 1986 at age 12. The display features a life time’s worth of monumental and variety complex art that spans thirty years from the time I was very little.

ROBOLIGHTS is a great experience for people of all ages and back grounds to inspire imagination and creativity in people as well respect for the limited resources of our world. When you step into ROBOLIGHTS, You are taken into a parallel universe walking through immensely long zig zagging pathways over 4 acres that lead up to 230 giant robots & huge displays everywhere, rocket sleds and art created out literally close to a kiloton of our family’s & our business’s old & neighbors whom donated junk that would have otherwise ended up in a land fill.

ROBOLIGHTS is OPEN every night unitl Jan 6th from 6:30pm-9:30pm. $5 to enter. Address:  1077 E Granvia Valmonte, Palm Springs, California.  

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