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Online Homeowner Services

Proudly provided by Oranj Palm Vacation Homes the vacation rental division from Palm Springs Rental Agency.

Interested in listing your vacation rental home with Oranj Palm? Please use the Contact Us form. Or call the Homeowner Hotline at 877-369-8720.

For your convenience, the following online services are available.

  • Check bookings and REAL TIME availability calendar.
  • Make owner block reservations and guest reservations in REAL TIME.
  • View and print monthly statements.
  • View property history of past and future rentals.
  • View required Minimimum Furnishings List:PDF icon oranj_palm_minimum_furnishings_list.pdf
  • Choose to clean or not clean for owner block reservations.
  • View maintenance work orders online.

Book your owner stay!

First read the below instructions and then Click on Owner Link

You may choose from one of two reservation types: :

  • No Cleaning: Choose "Owner reservation" the default option 1.
  • Yes Cleaning: Use "Guest of owner reservation" option 2.

If you will personally occupy your home, please put your name in the name field. If your guest will occupy your home, please use the guest name.

If you want your unit to be cleaned after the reservation, please choose GUEST OF OWNER as the reservation type even if you will be occupying your home. You may also put notes in the note section, but please copy the notes and email them directly to the ownermail address. We do not always see notes on reservations prior to occupancy so it is very important that you send us a separate email for reservation notes and requests. Please use email for reservation notes.

Owner Arrivals / Cleaning Policy

Arrival 3:00pm and departure 10:00am.

Upon guest departure, housecleaning is scheduled for as soon as possible and is dependent upon the individual cleaner's schedule and the expected arrival time of the next guest. We will always try to have your unit in "ready" condition upon your arrival, but guest arrivals are prioritized first. If your arrival date is the same as the guest departure, (a turn-around-clean) housekeeping may not be able to have your unit ready upon your arrival. Cleaning crews will not clean if you or other persons are in the home.

Please try to schedule your arrival 1 day or more after guest departures, particularly in season and on holidays. If you arrive without an owner block reservation, or prior to the normal check-in time of 3:00 pm, or prior to housekeeping inspecting the unit, PSRA will not clean or inspect the unit until the next scheduled "guest pre-arrival clean," for which you will be billed.

If your reservation is an "owner-block clean" the unit will be cleaned upon your departure, for which you will be billed. Most importantly, if housekeeping has not inspected the unit prior to your arrival, any potential excess cleaning, including carpets, and/or damages, will not be charged to the previous guest. Cleaning crews that arrive for a scheduled clean and leave because you are in the home and not on calendar bill $30.00 for lost time and scheduling. Lastly, guest pre-arrival cleans are mandatory regardless whether you cleaned yourself or not. The above policies are strictly enforced and there are no exceptions.

Check Your Web Page

Please check your unit description and amenities for accuracy. Please inform us immediately if you notice any mistakes in your online property description or amenities. We encourage you to write a glowing description of your property and email it to us.

You should have an owners manual in your home for guest usage. Please provide us with a copy via email for electronic storage. If you have not written a user manual for your home, please do so. Guests really appreciate it and so do we, and manuals are a very important factor in reducing unnecessary service calls billed to your account.

Oranj Palm Vacation Homes Staff Email

In order to avoid spam email, we do not provide individual employee email links. However, you may send email to anyone at PSRA by using their first name and our .com address. EXAMPLE: [firstname] You can also email the individual departments:,,, or for general inquiries.