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Matt Bechstein

Property Acquisitions Manager

Responsible for portfolio development and securing strong partnerships with vacation rental owners, Matt researches and resolves property management concerns while setting the company tone through assistance, support and advice. Matt helps each homeowner accurately market their property, leading to a strong, successful relationship.

Luz Delgadillo

Senior Portfolio Manager

Your primary owner relations contact, Luz has been with Oranj Palm for over 8 years and is our most well rounded employee. In recognition of her exemplary performance and customer service skills, she has been promoted twice and has become familiar with every department.

Ian Pritchett

Operations Manager

Overseeing the Reservations, Quality Assurance and Front Desk teams, Ian’s 9 years with Oranj Palm have taught him well and made him a great asset to the management team. Ian has extensive knowledge of systems, sales, customer service and maintenance in the Vacation Rental field.

Thomas Salinas

President and General Manager

Thomas has been with the Palm Springs Rental Agency family for over 8 years and brings years of management experience and data/results driven leadership to the team.