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21 Jun 2023
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Holidays in Palm Springs

It’s the unofficial end of summer, which means vacation time is just beginning in the desert! The crowds are still thin and the heat is abating, making Labor Day a fabulous getaway weekend in the Coachella Valley from Palm Springs to La Quinta.

Come sleep with us in one of our many mid-century modern homes or luxury estates. Relax in a quiet condo community or family friendly retreat. Enjoy a cocktail poolside or ride your bike along one of the desert trails. Have a barbeque to celebrate this classic American holiday, while you honor yourself and those around you for all of your hard work this year.

Labor Day has always been about commemorating the contributions of workers around the country and the prosperity they bring to the American people. Businesses shut down for the day, providing a much-deserved reprieve from the stresses of their jobs. So why stay at home, when you could be in the bright atmosphere of the California desert. Nothing cures a sour mood like a sunny day.

So spend your Labor Day weekend with Oranj Palm in the Coachella Valley!